Who Am I?

Console, PC, and Mobile games programmer with 6+ years professionally in the industry, during which time I have worked on and released a number of titles ranging from small Mobile games to high profile AAA multi-million pound budget blockbusters.

Although primarily a Gameplay and UI programmer, I have also undertaken many different roles in the past (Audio, Online Services, Producer).

My skills lie in C++, C#, Monogame, Unreal Engine, Unity, WPF, Flash, Scaleform, Mobile and Console programming.

    Latest Industry Project

Role: Lead Audio Programmer, Gameplay Programmer

Tasked with: Creating and maintaining a system to drive the dialogue systems, including in game character colour, narrative command audio, tutorial audio, character exertions and cutscenes. Also responsible for maintaining the audio codebase, fixing any audio issues and providing interfaces for gameplay code to interact with.

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